Aerial solutions for property and land developers

Land and real estate developers naturally require that their developments are documented from as many angles as possible. The ability to view them from the air provides many benefits to developers trying to understand more about the development and its neighbouring environment.

At Drone Air, we provide aerial filming and aerial photography solutions using both unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and helicopters to help land and property developers conduct development analysis and development appraisals in order to design and document their developments to the highest standard.

Aerial images can also act as a highly effective sales and marketing tool as they allow for pre-visualisation of how the finished development will appear both externally and internally. For example, shots can be achieved which show how the view from inside a building will appear when looking out of a fifth floor apartment window.

By utilising aerial filming techniques you instantly have a USP over your competitors, can reduce planning, construction, and development costs, and can create stunning marketing videos and photographs including 360° and panoramic aerial shots.

A few shots from a recent shoot for a client in Barking & Dagenham. Pilot for this project was Paul Gibson, who has a Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) issued by the CAA, ID no 384.

UAV or helicopter?

At Drone Air, we have two platforms at our disposal and can help you to decide whether a UAV or helicopter will be more suitable for your project.

UAVs are usually quicker to deploy, more nimble, and more affordable than helicopters and we would recommend their use for most applications. Certain restrictions do apply however, so there are situations when a helicopter is more appropriate and efficient.

For more detailed information about the specifications, advantages, and limitations of each platform, please see Our Aircraft.

Architects and 3D previsualisation

If you are an architect wanting to record your building from the air, or if you are a developer looking to overlay a 3D previs of how the finished development will appear, please see our Architects or 3D Visualisation pages for further information.

Editing and post-production

If you require your aerial film or aerial photographs to be edited and post-produced, we also offer a broadcast quality editing and post-production service. We have previously worked for notable clients including the BBC, ITV, CBS, Sky, TF1, Discovery channel and many more.

If you would like to find out more about our aerial videography and photography services, please email us, visit our FAQ page, or call us on 01273 921991. Our office is situated in Lewes, East Sussex in the UK, around an hour from London, but we will travel internationally to help you achieve stunning aerial imagery that markets your development for you.