UAV & Helicopter Aerial Filming & Photography

Providing aerial solutions since 2007

At Drone Air, we provide aerial filming and aerial photography solutions up to 4K resolution, using both UAV drones and helicopters.

Our service is affordable, bespoke, and professional, and the visual results are truly outstanding. With aerial filming experience dating back to 2007, we have filmed stunning aerial imagery throughout the world that has to be seen to be believed. Take a look through the services we provide and some of the work we have produced for our clients. If you can think of an aerial shot, we can make it a reality.

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Our aircraft

Unlike most aerial filming companies, we offer two platforms for our aerial filming and aerial photography services – unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV – commonly known as drone) and helicopter.

Each platform has its specific advantages and limitations, but both provide amazing aerial views with incredible clarity and detail.

UAV drone aircraft

Our DJI S900 drone and Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K resolution camera not only produce amazing aerial images, but are also extremely fast to deploy and highly flexible – our HD drone is able to fly and record within only a few minutes of arriving on site. It’s a lightweight system that has a flying time of twelve minutes, but we always carry a large supply of batteries, which can also be charged on location.

Battery changeover takes just three minutes, or five minutes if the camera battery needs to be changed, so we are able to fly throughout the whole day with minimal disruption. We can even fly at night-time, having been granted our CAA night rating – something that is rarely granted to drone operators. Our drone can also fly indoors, as long as the space is of adequate size.

Additionally, the camera captures high resolution 16 megapixel still aerial photographs, which we include as part of our aerial drone filming service, free of charge.

If you would like to view the footage as it is recorded, you can watch it in real time, via our ground-based monitoring screens.

Safety is always our primary concern when controlling drones, and with fail-safe ‘auto-land’ and ‘return to home’ modes, the drone will automatically return to our pilot, in the unlikely event of low battery, signal loss, or any other issue.

We always conduct an online site survey to check for flight restrictions and any other considerations such as nearby radio towers, airports, prisons etc. Our drone system weighs under 7kg and so we do not have to conduct a case-by-case application in heavily built-up areas, and we have full CAA permissions for commercial projects and public liability insurance of £5m.

Helicopter with Cineflex HD

We use a Eurocopter twin engine AS355 helicopter and operate with the Cineflex HD camera system and the Sony HDC-F950 high definition camera, using a 42x Fujinon zoom lens. We recommend the Eurocopter for filming as it provides a high degree of performance and endurance for the price.

We can fit the Cineflex system to a smaller craft such as a Bell 402 (Jet Ranger or Long Ranger) or even an EC120, however smaller crafts restrict our ability to perform vertical moves or sit stationary, so please discuss your requirements with us beforehand. We have also fitted the Cineflex onto everything up to an ex-Vietnam Huey and a Super Puma. So if you happen to have access to a large military model, please let us know and we can advise on whether it will be suitable.

Our helicopter aerial filming service is most appropriate for aerial shoots where multiple locations are to be filmed in a day, when an altitude of over 500 feet is required, or if the subject is in controlled airspace, such as a major European city.

Aerial footage can be recorded on either solid state options like the P2 or Odyssey SSD, or onto HDCAM or HDCAM SR tape formats.

Our helicopter can be configured to carry up to three passengers, so you are welcome to come aboard and direct the shots from the air if you would like to.

Which platform is right for you?

Requirements DJI S900 with GH4 AS355 with Cineflex
Budget is a key consideration
Need to fly lower than 400 feet
Need to fly above 500 feet
Need to fly close to subject
Need to film at night
Director needs to see the shots as they happen and direct the action
The shoot is in a major European city
Need aerial shots tomorrow
Need to shoot 10+ sites in a day

Editing and post-production

Should you require your aerial footage or images to be edited and post-produced, we offer a complete broadcast quality package and have previously produced work for the BBC, ITV, Sky, CBS and Discovery Channel.

If you would like to find out more about the technical details – and the most suitable applications – for aerial videography and aerial photography, please contact us via email, visit our FAQ page, or give us a call on 01273 921991. We are based in Lewes, East Sussex in the UK, but will travel worldwide to help you achieve your vision.