Helicopter Aerial Filming a River Survey for EDF


La Durance – South-Eastern France


EDF required a comprehensive aerial survey of the river La Durance between two key points.


EDF needed a way to conduct an aerial survey of the river “La Durance”, which is in the south of the country. We devised a system to record high definition 1080p video footage and combine this with a map. This allowed the client to see the state of the vegetation on the river banks and see exactly where the shot was taken from, with both a visual map and pointer, as well as latitude and longitude in a visual display.

To do this we had to pair up equipment we ordinarily use in TV production, and a GPS tracking system normally used at ground level. We conducted several tests with the equipment until we were satisfied on the projects feasibility. Then commenced a flight with the longest single take we have done, over two hours straight. With numb fingers we finished up with a video that exceeded EDF’s expectations.