Film and Television

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If you work in film or TV and are looking for aerial filming professionals who are highly experienced and understand the pressures and demands of your industry, then Drone Air can help you achieve your vision.

Capturing amazing aerial footage since 2007, our camera operators have backgrounds in the film and television industries, and have worked for major international broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, CBS, Discovery Channel, and more.

We offer two platforms for aerial cinematography: drone (UAV) or helicopter.

Masterchef France required on-location shoots for two episodes of the series, and one to debut the series of Masterchef Morocco. We captured one of our favourite shots of all time here – a glistening shot of horses running over waterlogged fields in the Camargue, with sunlight bouncing off the water.

Drone aerial filming

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, are an affordable, fast, and flexible solution that are often more convenient for aerial filming shoots than using a helicopter.

We would recommend choosing our UAV platform if you need aerial shots which require:

  • Filming on a limited budget
  • Filming at under 400 feet
  • The ability to film close to your subject
  • A quick one day turnaround time

We use a DJI S900 drone with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K resolution camera, which achieves a stunning level of clarity and depth. We can also shoot in 1080p if you prefer, and at up to 200mbps recording quality, the footage at this lower resolution is even better for grading.

If you would like to direct the footage in real time, you can see what the drone records via our ground-based monitoring screens. Please visit our Our Aircraft page for further information.

Helicopter aerial filming

Although hiring a helicopter for filming can sometimes seem expensive, there are situations when nothing else will do.

We would recommend choosing our helicopter platform if you need aerial shots which require:

  • A filming altitude of above 500 feet
  • Multiple locations shot quickly
  • Long flight times
  • The ability to film in controlled airspace
  • The ability to film in major European cities

For our helicopter filming projects, we use a Eurocopter twin engine AS355 with Cineflex HD camera system and a Sony HDC-F950 camera with a 42x Fujinon zoom lens, for incredible HD aerial images.

When working with talent it’s also worth bearing in mind that the helicopter can be configured to carry up to three passengers. Ideal if you need to get them in and out of remote areas quickly, or shoot multiple locations in one day. More information is available here.

Aerial TV credits

  • It’s Not Rocket Science (2016) – Aerial Photography
  • The Gadget Show (2015) – Aerial Photography & Consultancy
  • Masterchef Morocco (2014) – Director of Aerial Photography
  • Masterchef France (2013) – Director of Aerial Photography
  • The Bachelor Ukraine (2012) – Director of Aerial Photography
  • Live Broadcast, Luanda Marathon, Angola (2012) – Director of Aerial Photography
  • Live Broadcast, World’s Largest Firework Display, Kuwait (2012) – Aerial Camera Tech
  • The World From Above (2008 to 2012) – CBS – Aerial Camera Tech

Other TV credits

  • Tony Robinson’s Walking Through Time (2012) – Graphics
  • Top Gear (2012) – Contributor (uncredited)
  • Railway Walks With Julia Bradbury (2008) – Graphics & Post-Production Services
  • Sky High (2008) – ITV – Graphics & Post-Production Services
  • Wainwright: The Man Who Loved The Lakes – Graphics & Post-Production Services
  • Eastern Skies (2007) – ITV – Graphics & Post-Production Services
  • Sky High (2007) – ITV – Graphics & Post-Production Services
  • Fast Flight (2007) – British Isles – Discovery – Graphics & Post-Production Services

Editing and post-production

We offer a full editing and post production service to a professional broadcast quality level, but understand that you will most likely want to work on your aerial footage yourselves, in which case we will provide you with the raw unedited files.

If you would like to find out more about our aerial filming service, please email us, visit our FAQ page, or call us on 01273 921991. Our headquarters are in Lewes, East Sussex in the UK, but we can travel anywhere worldwide to help you achieve the perfect aerial shot.