Capture your event from a new perspective

Aerial filming offers an innovative way to record special events such as weddings, parties, corporate functions, competitions, and festivals, in a manner that you’ve never seen before.

It enables you to captivate your audience with bespoke aerial footage that captures your event in a unique and exciting way.

Unlike other aerial filming companies that only offer drone filming, our camera operators have been capturing spectacular aerial footage using both helicopters and camera drones since 2007, giving us the knowledge and expertise to fulfil your requirements with outstanding professionalism.

Whatever the length of the occasion, whether it be for an hour, a day, a weekend or longer, we conduct thorough flight plans and assessments to ensure your event is filmed in a way that provides stunning HD aerial images, whilst being tailored to your precise requirements and always conforming to current safety regulations.

Aerial videography offers immunity from unwanted obstacles and boundaries that you may be faced with when using cranes, dollies or cable cams for filming. Instead it offers sensational imagery on a low budget.

For events such as festivals that cover a larger area, it can be extremely hard to acquire footage from the ground that truly captures the scale of the venue, however with an aerial view, the possibilities are endless.

We offer two platform choices for events videography: helicopter or UAV drone.

The Kuwaiti government commissioned us to film the largest fireworks display ever organised, in honour of their 50th anniversary of independence. If you’d like to read the full story and behind the scenes action, click here.

UAV drone aerial filming

We use a DJI S900 UAV drone with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K resolution camera for aerial footage, which achieves an incredible level of clarity and detail. We can also capture aerial shots in 1080p if you prefer, and at up to 200mbps data transfer rate, the footage at this lower resolution is even better for grading.

If you’re interested in drone photography, the GH4 camera also takes 16 megapixel still photos under our aerial photography service, which is included at no extra cost as part of our aerial filming service.

We would usually recommend UAV drone videos for wedding videography, parties and promotional corporate videos.

When filming around a crowd of 1,000 people or more additional CAA restrictions apply, so please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise on how to achieve the shots you need in a safe fashion, whilst complying with all relevant regulations.

Helicopter aerial filming

We would recommend choosing our helicopter platform if you require:

  • A filming altitude of above 500 feet
  • Multiple locations shot quickly
  • Long flight times
  • Filming in controlled airspace
  • Filming in major European cities

We would usually recommend helicopter aerial filming for festivals and larger all day events.

For our helicopter filming projects, we use a Eurocopter twin engine AS355 with Cineflex HD camera system and a Sony HDC-F950 camera with a 42x Fujinon zoom lens, for amazing HD aerial images. Further information on our aerial systems can be found on our Our Aircraft page.

Editing and post-production

If you would like your aerial footage or images to be edited and post-produced, we offer a broadcast quality package and have previously produced work for the BBC, ITV, Sky, CBS and Discovery Channel.

If you would like to find out more about our Events aerial filming services, please email us, visit our FAQ page, or call us on 01273 921991. Our headquarters are in Lewes, East Sussex  in the UK, but we will travel anywhere in the world to help you capture your memorable event.