Editing and post-production

Add some finesse to your aerial shots

If you would like your aerial shots to be edited and post-produced, we have all the facilities in place to provide you with professional, broadcast quality images.

Whether it’s aerial footage or still photographs that you need tweaking or refining, we have years of experience of post-production and can deliver the final product in any edited form you desire.

Aerial video editing and post-production

We have worked for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, CBS and Discovery Channel, and use the same editing and colour grading software used to make X-Men, Intolerable Cruelty, 300, and many more blockbuster Hollywood movies. We can accompany the aerial footage with the following broadcast quality additions where necessary:

  • Soundtracks
  • Music scores
  • Sound effects
  • Voiceovers
  • Special effects
  • Titles and graphics

We always keep all of your 4K resolution master footage securely stored, so you can create further edits without having to reshoot. If you would like to reshoot anything however, we can happily accommodate this.

Aerial still photograph colour correction

The 16 megapixel images that our Panasonic GH4 camera takes are of a high quality and definition, and the results are invariably impressive. Regardless, most captured images can be enhanced with some gentle exposure or colour correction and we have the best tools available to achieve a natural, but vibrant look.

Fast turnaround time

We understand that customers and clients often need their aerial shots to be edited and post-produced as quickly as possible and we pride ourselves on the speed in which we can return your finished product to you. The more notice we have the better, but we will work around the clock to ensure your deadline is met.

Choose to edit your own aerial images

If you would prefer to edit and post-produce your aerial images yourself, that is no problem and we will supply you with the raw footage and photos (please note: still photos are included for free as part of our aerial filming service).

So, if you would like to have your aerial imagery professionally edited and post-produced, please feel free to discuss this with us either before or after the shoot. We aim to be flexible and will fit in around your busy schedule, whatever your requirements may be.

If you have any questions about our editing or post-production services, or if you are ready to begin your aerial project, whether that be helicopter or drone based, then please contact us by email, visit our FAQ page, or phone us on 01273 921991.