Affordable, non-intrusive drone roof inspections

Whether you are a roofer wanting to conduct a roofing survey, or a member of the public wanting to assess the state of your home or business’ rooftop, the fastest, most affordable, and effective method is through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones as they are more commonly called.

Access all areas

Drones can access locations that would normally be inconvenient or impossible to reach. If the roof is unstable and cannot be safely walked upon, no problem – our drone can fly up there and record the extent of work required in great detail.

If you are a roofer, why erect scaffolding or use ladders for challenging roof inspections when a camera drone can fly up, record the roofing situation, and return to the ground in just a few seconds? Our drone can be deployed in only a few minutes of arrival on site and eliminates the expense, time, and possible risks usually taken with roof inspections. So, no more unnecessary games of snakes and ladders!

Whatever you want to perform an aerial survey for, whether it be assessing chimney back gutters, dormer windows, ridge and hip tile displacements, or flat roofing, our UAV can work both with and around you and your team of roofers.

No disruption to your workflow

We are able to use our roof inspection drone with no disruption to your daily workflow and you can continue roofing while we inspect or film other areas. Ensuring your working day is not hampered by our aerial filming or aerial photography is always a priority for us and we aim to make the process as quick, easy, and efficient as possible.

Record and market your work

Drones provide a simple way to document a roof both before and after the project is completed. The ability to quickly record the state of a rooftop before work commences and then return upon completion, allows you to promote your workmanship in a way that will immediately resonate with potential customers and will put you way ahead of the current competition.

Besides drone roof surveys, we can also use our UAV along with our other filming technologies to create a complete promotional video for your company. Drones allow for dramatic sweeping rooftop shots, motionless birds-eye views, and high-rise dolly shots that simply cannot be achieved by other filming methods.

If you would you like to find out about the cost of a drone roof inspection, or if you have any general questions about our aerial videography or aerial photography services, please email us, visit our FAQ page, or call us on 01273 921991. We work out of our office in Lewes, East Sussex in the UK, which is about an hour from London, but we will travel to wherever you are based to help add value to your company.