Helicopter Aerial Filming the Saint Silvester Marathon

Location and date

Angola, 2012


TPA requested the service of a Cineflex camera to film the Angola Marathon for 90 minutes and interruption free.


The biggest challenge filming in Angola was enduring the extreme heat! Rigging a set of three Eurocopter AS350 helicopters on the tarmac in 40° temperatures was a challenge in itself. The fleet consisted of our Cineflex’s camera helicopter, the RF downlink’s, and one for a simultaneous radio broadcast. All the aircraft were brand new – a testament to Angola’s booming economy, and no surprise when you find out they recently helped bail out their former colonial rulers, Portugal.

Helicopter Aerial Filming With High Stability

With the Marathon taking place on New Year’s Eve, we arrived almost a week early due to the schedule of the commercial airline carrying us, which gave us plenty of time to prep, test, and conduct a practice run of the shoot. This was the first time TPA had used a Cineflex aerial camera system to film the Marathon, in previous years relying on a handheld camera onboard the helicopter instead. They were delighted with the results, the clarity of picture, and the incredible stability even at full zoom. In the end, the live feed from the helicopter proved to be the most popular camera angle for the duration of the marathon, with our operator ending up transmitting live for nearly an uninterrupted 90 minutes.

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