Helicopter Aerial Filming the Kuwait 50th Anniversary Independence Fireworks Display

Location and date

Kuwait City, 2012


The Kuwaiti government commissioned us to film the largest fireworks display ever organised, in honour of their 50th anniversary of independence.


Fitting a Cineflex system to a Super Puma helicopter was something we’d not been asked to do before. After all, we normally work with 4 to 6 man helicopters, such as Bell 402 Jet Rangers and Eurocopter AS350 Squirrels. A Super Puma, which can carry up to 19 passengers, is somewhat over-equipped for the task of carrying a Cineflex system.

Live TV helicopter aerial filming

Working alongside the RF downlink team, our first job was to make sure we could attach a base-plate and arm through one of the doors, in a way that maximised our angle of view, whilst ensuring the safety of the operator and other crew members. We achieved it through a fair amount of trial and error until we found a combination that worked. The space inside the Puma certainly gives you enough options to play with!

High-stability aerial zoom lenses

Once we had everything set up, we flew a number of mission simulations over Kuwait City, to ensure everything was setup and in place for the event itself. The Kuwaiti military were particularly impressed with the stability of the 42x zoom lens – Cineflex, if they place an order please send the commission our way!

The shoot itself went flawlessly, and the footage we transmitted live was seen by millions around the globe. We also received a commendation for our work from the Ministry of Information following the conclusion of the broadcast.

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