Drone Aerial Filming at Glyndebourne

Location and date

Glynde, 2015


We visited nearby opera house Glyndebourne to film their premises, with its unusual architecture and beautiful surroundings in the Sussex Downs.


We visited local but internationally renowned opera house, Glyndebourne to film the exterior of their premises, which is nestled amongst the rolling Sussex Downs. They even have their own wind turbine which supplies power to their buildings, so there was plenty of aerial spectacle to be captured.

We will use the aerial footage on our website, it shows Glyndebourne and it’s surroundings extremely well and for people who’ve have never been to Glyndebourne or don’t know what Glyndebourne is, it’s a great view of Glyndebourne. So that they can see how beautiful the place is, the gardens, the opera house and the surrounding beautiful countryside.

Gus Christie, Executive Chairman - Glyndebourne Productions