Helicopter Aerial Filming the 50th International Paris Air Show

Location and date

Le Bourget Airport, 2013


Salon Le Bourget & the French Metropolitan Police commissioned us to help them survey the crowds at the Paris Air Show, & some additional aerial filming.


Salon Le Bourget and the French Metropolitan police were looking for an effective way to help manage crowds and traffic at the start and end of each day. By giving them eyes in the sky with a live view to mission control, the police force were able to direct and manage the flow of traffic, and prioritise car-parks to reduce waiting times and ensure crowd safety. By keeping the helicopter on standby at Le Bourget airport, we were also able to respond immediately should there be a security breach.

High resolution aerial surveillance

Our state of the art Cineflex system proved an invaluable tool for the Metropolitan Police, who commented on it’s impressive stability and high-resolution images, which gave them the ability to identify an individual from any point within the confines of the airport.

In addition, our operator worked with the police to learn an agreed terminology and code names for all the public access ways, allowing for immediate deployment to the areas of interest and ensuring the camera was always focusing on the parts needed by mission control.

As a final benefit, we were able to offer a combined photo and video package to the Air Show for marketing purposes, as the Cineflex is a world-class film camera too.

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