Drone Aerial Filming for Active Sussex Beach Volley Ball Tournament

Location and date

Brighton, 2015


Active Sussex required aerial images and photography of a beach event.


Active Sussex wanted a video to promote and showcase their upcoming beach volley ball tournament, as part of 2015’s Workplace Challenge, helping promote sports and team building in the workplace. Brighton beach can be busy, so we performed a pre-site visit and survey to ensure we were able to operate from a safe distance away from members of the general public. This included setting up a cordoned area on the beach, and ensuring we had landowner permission from the venue and participants to overfly the drone. The end results were a set of high resolution RAW images and 4k video shot at broadcast quality.

Many thanks to Ben and the team for filming our Workplace Challenge Volleyball.  The excellent footage provided a completely different perspective of the tournament and has helped us to enhance many of its unique selling points, such as being located at a great facility on Brighton beach. From the start, Ben and the team were extremely professional and liaised with the facility directly for us regarding where to launch from and to discuss the finer safety points.  It allowed us the time to concentrate on the business of setting up a successful workplace event. Highly recommend and look forward to working with the team again in the future.
Leon Carter, Sports Officer (Primary Schools & Workplaces)