Aerial Filming at Britannia Sandersteads – Day 1

For our mixed ground and air shoot for Britannia Movers International, we decided to try something new. By combining DJI’s new Osmo with our existing S900 drone, we were able to shoot everything in motion.

Arriving at Britannia Sanderstead’s depot in Godstone on a beautiful sunny morning, we started off with an aerial sequence, getting out establishing shots and showing off the size of the site and it’s situation in the surrounding countryside.

After a successful early flight, we then moved onto the Osmo. The Osmo simply takes the camera system off the Inspire X3 and puts it onto a handheld gimbal. Whilst it’s more susceptible to movement than the Ronin or Movi due to its light weight, the same light weight allows for additional creativity and freedom. It’s so light you can get it down low and achieve shots that would be back breaking with a heavier camera. It’s also perfectly suited for capturing more standard shots.


Whilst the image quality isn’t quite as good as the GH4 on the S900, it’s incredibly crisp and sharp, and downgrading it from 4K to HD the images look simply beautiful (with a light touch of grading).

With a sequence of ground shots in the can, we took flight again in the afternoon, allowing us to capture the buildings from a new angle as the sun had moved round to reveal other parts of the site.


After this it was a simple matter of a few pieces to camera, before wrapping for the day. The Osmo on the end of the optional “selfie-stick” allowed us to get a few shots that couldn’t have been achieved with anything else – but you’ll have to wait for the edit to see how it all pans out.


Thank you Steve and Stuart for all your help on the day, and for the generous supply of much appreciated coffee.

Tomorrow it’s off to a beautiful detached property in Cobham, to show the Britannia Movers team in action.


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